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CARNIVAL JOB: Beast Tamer/Animal Care
JOINED: February 2017 (Post Atlantis)

✧COMMON CHANGE: Pointed ears, Long forked tongue (allowing enhanced sense of smell), Slight height increase (to 5'10")
✵RARE CHANGE: None yet!

1ST CONTRACT: Joined the carnival in exchange for the chance to search the worlds for his family.

CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] ArtWildenTanzen and also Art#8938 on Discord!

IC Mailbox

Feb. 13th, 2031 02:04 pm
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FREQUENCY: 414.98715
DESCRIPTION: Snake doesn't always carry his radio, simply because he forgets it exists, but direct messages when he's carrying his radio will almost always be answered. By his snakes.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Trailer Door, or Joker's Mailbox if you actually want him to find it
DESCRIPTION: He spends too much time in Joker's trailer, what can I say?
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Name: Art
Contact: [plurk.com profile] artwildentanzen
Other Characters: None!

Character Name: Snake
Age: Under 25, over 15
Species: Human-Snake hybrid
Canon: Kuroshitsuji
Canon Point: Immediately after the Circus arc, when he wanders to search for his family
Character Info: Wiki here!
Personality: Snake is, before anything else, SHY. He is reserved and timid. He seldom speaks, and when he does, he almost exclusively speaks for one of the snakes he carries. He is closer to his snakes and his family, the first-string members of the circus, than anyone else at this canon point. For them, he is willing to leave his comfort zone (the circus) despite his shyness.

Snake is not brave, but IS determined and devoted. He relentlessly pursues leads regarding his circus family's fate, but when he finds their killer, is not able to confront him directly, instead sending a black mamba after him. When he's devoted to someone or something, he can find it within himself to do things outside of his normal behaviors for them, such as speaking without using a snake's personality as a proxy.

Snake does not often relate well to other humans, and is scared of being teased due to his years as a sideshow. However, people that accept him have his undying loyalty, even if he knows he will never be as close to them as others. This is best demonstrated by the way he treats the other first-stringers of the circus; he considers them to be the closest humans to him, but does not call them by family names. He does not share their background, which further hampers this connection, but even still he does not strive to become closer. He's very naive, as well, and can't really tell when he's being lied to.

He does, however, share his space with dozens of snakes, several of which he carries under his clothes. Snakes don't judge him, after all; he's their voicepiece, as well. It would hardly be an exaggeration to say he's closer to his snakes than almost any person.

Each snake he carries with him has a basic personality and is named after a poet or author. Emily is flirty and typically his default voice. Oscar and Wilde are somewhat bold and outgoing, with a good sense of humor. Bronte is shy. Keates is smart. Goethe is a know-it-all. Wordsworth is strong-willed and wise. Donne is kind and thoughtful but a bit sly. Webster is cautious and smart.
Abilities: Snake can speak to and understand snakes and hear the hidden tones in snake-charming instruments, which make him pass out. He's easily chilled but survives longer without food than most - he managed several days in a box without complaint or stomach pain in canon, for instance. He's also very talented with changing his voice.

Soul Colour: Electrum
Ideal Jobs: Beast tamer, animal handler, showman
Relevant Experience: Snake was a circus performer in the past, and not only danced with his snakes, but also kept and took care of them. He's a little shy around warmer-blooded animals, but works pretty well wth anything non-human.
Reason for Joining: Exchanged a promise with the Ringmaster related to having a place to be again, and being able to travel to find clues to the rest of his family

Test Drive Thread
Sample 2

Snake was used to being different, but that doesn't mean he likes it. Here, though... it's, ironically, different. Here, everyone's a little bit off. Even the most normal seeming person could have spikes down their spine or glowing spots under their clothes... Certainly enough to be a sideshow back home, as he once was.

At the same time, though, this is a little bit terrifying. Snake knew he was going to go through the same when he signed on, but it's still scary to think about. And what if it works differently for him? He's been.... different forever. Maybe it's more accepted here, but he's never been a baseline human.

Whether he's changing differently or not, he's backstage when his legs give out, and he finds they're not strong enough for him to stand. His snakes immediately go to find help, but he's not willing to call out. He's embarassed and ashamed, and also not sure what to say. Maybe something like "Help" is in order, but he's so seldom spoken without his snakes... He doesn't have words. Even when a shadow drops over him as someone approaches, led by a snake, he doesn't speak, simply staring at the ground.


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